Muslim Volunteers

Welcome Sisters and Brother,


Peace be on you.


Are you tired of our precious, beautiful religion of peace being misinterpreted by hate and violence? What are we doing to change people's views? There's enough material out there, but now it's time for us to stand up and protect our religion, not through violence, but the way of our Prophet(saw), with kindness, charity and action.


MuslimsVolunteer is being set up to enable us to locate people or organizations that need help, physically, financially or spiritually. It will provide an opportunity for us to help Muslims and non-Muslims and show through our actions the real beauty and meaning of Islam


We will come together and do the following:

  • Volunteer
  • Invest in Businesses
  • Invest in Education
  • Encourage diversity, understanding and working with others
  • Educate through peace and kindness and not hate


What is the aim?

  • Improve the image of Islam
  • Fulfill our purpose in life
  • Provide guidance and an example to our children
  • Enhance our confidence as Muslims
  • Be Proactive
  • Being able to practice our Religion without hate


How you Can Help


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